Welcome to Neville School Part II

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Welcome to Neville School Part II

Post  HaouJudai on Fri May 09, 2008 2:03 pm

Previously on Yu-Gi-Oh! GX:
Kaiba: Welcome to Neville School! I will take you to the duel arenas.
Jaden: Wow this school looks awesome.
Bruno: It sure is.
Bruno: I challenge you to a duel!
Bruno: I play Dark Bravery.
Jaden: Go Sparkman attack his guardian now.
Bruno: Fool!
*Guardian destroys Clayman*
Bruno: Theres nothing you can do to destroy my Guardian!
Jaden: We'll see.
Bruno: We will indeed. Mwhahaha!
Welcome to Neville School Part II
Bruno: Hehehe now what are you going to do Jay-Jay.
Jaden: You'll see I believe its my turn now. I draw! I summon my Sparkman back to the field. Sparkman Come forth!
Bruno: Did you forget about my Magical Ghost trap card!?
Jaden: No I didn't so first I activate Spell Chains(Need to Make It) to destroy your Dark Bravery. Then I place 2 cards face-down and end my turn.
Bruno*thinking*: NO! He destroyed my lovely Dark Bravery since thats destroyed I can't bring it back.
Bruno: My move! Since Dark Bravery is gone my guardian comes back to normal form. Then I activate Magical Ghost
Jaden: Not so fast Bruno! I activate Royal Decree! Now all trap cards are negated.
Bruno: NOOO!
Jaden: Then I activate this! Pink Space Typhoon!(Need to make it)
Bruno: What's that!?
Jaden: with Pink Space Typhoon the trap cards are pink of course so watch this.
*the typhoon destroys all trap cards that Bruno has on the field*
Jaden: It destroys all trap card on my opponent's side of the field that was negated.
Bruno: OOOH NOOOO My lovely trap cards there gone!
Dr Crowler*Thinks*: Just in time that someone loses life points.
B: 7800
Jaden: Then I activate this Counter Spell Card. Hero's Strike. With this Spell I can special summon any Fusion Material monster from my graveyard or deck and bring it to the field in attack mode. I choose Elemental Hero Clayman! (ATK/800 DEF/2000) Next I play Polymerization fusion Clayman and Sparkman to form. Elemental Hero Thunder Giant
(ATK/2500 DEF/2000 I think its 2000 DEF). That ends my turn.
Syrus: Yeah! Jaden just destroyed his Dark Bravery!
*Bruno looks frustrating*
Bruno: My turn! I draw! YESSSSSS YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! I activate the Ritual Spell Card. Doomsday Ritual! Since my Dark Bravery is in the graveyard I can automatically play this. GO Dark Brave Knight!
(ATK/0 DEF/0)
Jaden: What a monster that has 0 ATK points!?
Bruno: Yes but watch what my Knight does?
*The knight tokens comes to jadens field in defense mode*
Bruno: This special ability allows me to summon knight tokens in defense mode. As long as those tokens are in play, I can attack them and you lose 1000 life points for each token thats destroyed and they are 3. Maybe my Knight might be destroyed but not till I play MY Polymerization card to fuse with Skilled White Magician. Go my monsters make this monster the most powerful of all.
Jaden: I don't think so GO DOUBLE! MYSTICAL SPACE TYPHOON AND MAGIC JAMMER. First I use MST to destroy my Royal Decree. Second I use Magic Jammer to discard 1 card from my hand and negate your Polymerization and gets destroyed.
Bruno: Lucky little boy! I end my turn.
Jaden: Hmm! I draw! Awesome! First I sacrifice 2 of your knights to summon Elemental Hero Neos. (ATK/2500 DEF/2100)
Bruno: Fool! Did you forget my knights effect you lose 2000 life points.
Jaden: I don't think so with my Thunder Giant's effect your through! Go my thunder giant destroy his Knight now.
*The knight gets destroyed so is his little token* Your through GO my monsters attack Bruno's Life Points DIRECTLY!
B: 2800
Jaden: Activate another Counter Spell! Destruction. With this I destroy one of my monsters and you lose life points doubly with my destroyed monsters attack points I destroy my neos. YOUR DOWN AND OUT!
B: 0
Jaden: YEA!
Kaiba on P.A.: Attention duelists the new duel disks has been finally completed please come to the lobby and see it.
*They run to the lobby*
(The duel disk looks like a motorcycle with a dueling field.)
Jaden: Holy SHRIMP! Thats awesome.
*Everyone talks at once*
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