Disguised Bruno Part I

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Disguised Bruno Part I

Post  HaouJudai on Fri May 09, 2008 3:03 pm

Previously on Yu-Gi-Oh! GX:
Kaiba: Let the tournament begin
Bruno: Not quite there Kaiba mwhahaha
Kaiba: The power is having difficulties *power goes down*!
*everyone screams*
Bruno: Soon the whole building will be mine!

*Bruno walks to the field as the power comes back on*
Kaiba: WHO ARE YOU!?
???: I am Onurb I am one of the contestants you need in this tournament.
Kaiba: Oh yes! Onurb Yelnats Artsammes
Onurb: Well Kaiba *evil laugh* I am the one who shut down your power.
Kaiba: YOU WHAT!?
Onurb: Yes I did!
Kaiba: Listen Onurb I challenge you to a duel if I win, you are not qualified for the tournament, then if you win you join the tournament.
Onurb: I accept your challenge!
Kaiba: This time we are using duel disks.
*Sets his duel disk*

Onurb's Duel Disk:

Both: Duel!

Kaiba: 8000
Onurb: 8000

Jaden: Be careful Kaiba! *talks to Syrus* listen thats not Onurb thats Bruno just don't say a word. Kaiba listen, I dueled Onurb before. He has a powerful card that can stop you from winning this duel.

Kaiba: I don't want your pity.
Kaiba: I'll go first! I play 1 card face-down and summon Bright Light Dragon of the Desert in def mode.

Kaiba: that ends my turn.
Onurb: Oh this is so much fun! *Draws* hm I play Doomsday Ritual!
Jaden: I KNOW THAT CARD! *Talks to Syrus* If he sacrifices 1 field spell or 1 monster then he can summon his Dark Brave Knight and whats worse...
Onurb: I play Dark Brave Knight in attack mode.
[ATK/0 DEF/0]
Kaiba: What!? 0 ATK points?
*Tokens come on Kaiba's field*
Kaiba: What are these!?
Onurb: Brave Knight Tokens They Come To Your Field In Defense mode. [ATK/0 DEF/0] and once it's destroyed or sacrificed you lose 1000 life points. And there 3 tokens on your field Kaiba.
Kaiba: That's just crazy.
Onurb: Oh wait heres more. I activate Dark Brave Knight's Special ability when I don't sacrifice a field spell it can automatically go to my hand.
Jaden*Thinks*: Dark Bravery!
Onurb: Also my Knight can select my opponent's monster to my side of the field. And that's where your dragon goes *evil laugh*.
Kaiba: No MY DRAGON!
Onurb: And once he goes to my side of the field it becomes dark. SO I INTRODUCE THE ONE THE ONLY, Dark Desert Dragon. [ATK/800 DEF/600]. But don't worry your dragon is still on the field. As long as my knight is face-up on the field. I can make a clone of my opponent's monster. Last ability. My knight double's the ATK points of your Dragon's attack points. [ATK/1600 DEF/0]. Then I activate Shield of the Dark Brave Knight. When this spell is in play it can equip to my Knight also it can double the ATK points of the Knight itself. [ATK/3200 DEF/0].
Kaiba: A Knight with 3200 points!?
Onurb: Go Dark Desert Dragon attack Kaiba's Bright Light Dragon with Dark Breathing Blast.
Kaiba: You activated my trap card. Bridge of the Return.

*The Bridge Surrounds Kaiba And Onurb*
Kaiba: This trap allows my dragon to return on the field. *The dragon returns* And it's continuous. Oh yes and since you attacked my dragon you activated his effect. When your Knight attacked my dragon a minute ago it gets removed from play. GO MY DRAGON REMOVE HIS DARK BRAVE KNIGHT.
*The dragon's scream removes the knight from play*
Onurb*Sarcastically*: Oh No!
Onurb: hmhmhm Kaiba my dear friend You activated my Dark Dragon's ability when a dark monster is removed from the game the dragon gains the ATK by half of the removed monster. [ATK/2400 DEF/600].
Your little mind is a open book and there's nothing you can do about it mwhahahahahahamwhahahahahaha

To Be Continued...
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