Welcome to Neville School Part I

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Welcome to Neville School Part I

Post  HaouJudai on Fri May 09, 2008 1:59 pm

Episode 1 - Welcome to Neville School Part I

Man 1: Mr. Kaiba, the kids will be here in a moment.
Kaiba: Alright just set up the dueling arenas and make new duel disks.
Man 1: Yes Sir.
Dr. Crowler: Here we are Neville now the School should be around here somewhere.
Kaiba: Alright listen up welcome to Neville Town. If to ask we are the ones who closed your Dueling Academy because they where thieves down in the basement we detected them last night.
(Man 1: Mr Kaiba there's bad news.
Kaiba: What bad news.
Man 1: Down at the Dueling Academy there are thieves that are trying to steal cards and duel disks all over the building. We should move them now.
Kaiba: Good Idea!)
Kaiba: So I called Chancellor this morning and talked about it. So here it is the new school. Neville Dueling School. For dueling of course. I have new duel disks but they are not done yet so for right now go to the dueling arenas I will take you.
(2 Minutes Later)
Kaiba: Alright here we are. All duel arenas are ready to activate and they are updated with the new cards you've got. GOT IT!? If there is any problems PLEASE REPORT ME.

Jaden: Wow this school looks awesome.
Man: It sure is.
Jaden: Who are you?
Man: I am Bruno.
Dr. Crowler: WOW BRUNO!
Jaden: You know this guy!?
Dr. Crowler: Yes he is the most evil person in Neville.
Bruno: I challenge you to a duel kid!
Jaden: Ok Bring it on.
Both: DUEL!

J: 8000
B: 8000

Bruno: I'll go first. I draw I activate a Field Spell. Dark Bravery(Need to make the card).
Jaden: What's that!
Bruno: Just watch and learn. I play Obnoxious Celtic Guardian in attack mode. But watch what Dark Bravery does. (Evil Laugh)
(The Celtic Guardian turns evil)
HAHA! That's right Jaden it's known as Dark Obnoxious Guardian (ATK/1400 DEF/1200)
If you think its weak, think again. I place 1 card face-down and end my turn.
Jaden: Alright I draw! I play Elemental Hero Sparkman. GO SPARKMAN! SPARK FLASH ATTACK.
Bruno*Thinking*: Fool! Just you wait.
Bruno: You activated my trap card. Magical Ghost(I have to make it!). This card allows me to choose any Spell Card from my hand or deck and automatically play it. I choose Magic Switch. This baby allows me to switch any monster from your deck and place it on the field. I choose your Elemental Hero Clayman. Then Sparkman switches into Clayman. And he(Sparkman) goes to your hand. Then I play Quick Attack.
Jaden: What you can't play a Spell when its my turn.
Bruno: Yes I can Magical Ghost is a Continuous Trap. Go my Guardian attack his Clayman!
Jaden: Also my Clayman has a higher DEF then your Guardian.
Bruno: Not with my Guardian's special ability it's not. (ATK/2600) You see my Guardian gets an extra 300 points for every # of stars that your Clayman has.
*Guardian Destroys Clayman* Then he goes to the original form.
Jaden: I end my turn.
Bruno: You have nothing in your deck that can stop my Guardian!
Jaden: We'll see.
Bruno: We will indeed MWHAHAHAHA!

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