Let the Tournament Begin

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Let the Tournament Begin

Post  HaouJudai on Fri May 09, 2008 2:05 pm

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Episode 3 - Let the Tournament Begin

*Jaden goes around in circles with the motorcycle*
Jaden: AWESOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOME! This is better then duel disks!
Kaiba in P.A.: Attention duelists please go outside behind the building. I AM STARTING A TOURNAMENT!!!!
Jaden: A Tournament!? Sweet!
Man #1 on PA: Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to the Neville Town Tournament. I would like to give you the first round
*Doors open*
*Motorcycles vrooms*
Man #1 on PA: Duelist #1 Jaden Yuki!
*Motorcycle comes out VROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM*
Man #1 on PA: VS Duelist #4 Tyranno Hassleberry
J: 8000
TH: 8000

also live at City Trails
Duelist #9 Syrus Truesdale VS Duelist #12 Alexis Rhodes
S: 8000
A: 8000

Hassleberry*Thinks*: Finally after all these years I can get to face my opponent just like a long time ago!

Kaiba on PA: Alright Listen Up! heres how the cycles work this is just like a motorcycle race. But when you drive a motorcycle the cards comes bigger and show up just like on your duel disks but when your life points gets to 0 your cycle goes down for the tournament. But its Fuel Free Which means there are no gas in it so you ride it 24/7 if you wish. NOW LET THE DUELS BEGIN. Listen your deck goes into the deck drawer which it automatically draws for you. Good LUCK!

Jaden: I'll Go first *It draws to your hand* I summon Elemental Hero Clayman in DEF mode (DEF/2000) Then I play 2 cards face-down and end my turn.
Hassleberry: Hm! My turn I Special Summon 2 Gilosaurus' in DEF mode. (DEF/400 I think) then I sacrifice them IN ORDER TO SUMMON Super Conductor Tyranno in ATK mode. (ATK/3300) Go my Tyranno attack his Clayman.
Jaden: Activate Trap. Sakurestu Armor!
*Tyranno gets defeated*
Hassleberry: I end my turn!
Jaden: My turn! I activate Polymerization fusing Clayman with my Bubbleman to summon Elemental Hero Mudballman in attack mode. (ATK/1900) Then I activate these 3 Axe of Despairs (ATK/4900) Go Mudballman Attack him directly!
LP: 3100 then I activate Quick Attack its all over for you. LP: 0.
Man #1: And the winner is Jaden!
Syrus: Go Steam Gyroid Finish her off!
LP: 0.
Man #1: and the winners are Syrus and Jaden!
Bruno: Mwhahahahahaha
*He walks to the power generator*
*The power goes down*
*All scream*
Kaiba: This isn't working right! The power must be fine! I just double checked.
Bruno: mwhahahha that will shush them up a bit. MWHAHAHAHA! Now those fools will supper the darkness.
Guy #1: Excellent Master Bruno.
Bruno: Why not?
Jaden: What are we going to do?
*kaiba walks to the field*
Kaiba: ALRIGHT! Listen! The power is having difficulties so you may have to go back to your rooms. So for right now WATCH A LITTLE TV OR SOMETHING TILL WE FIX IT.
Bruno: You will never fix it there Kaiba I shut it down for good. Mwhahahahahahahaha! Soon I will be in the tournament disguised and I will take all of their bodies! MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*thinks*: Soon the whole entire building will be mine MWHAHAHAHAHA!
*All Talks At Once Worried*

To Be Continued....
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